Spindle Jean Review

We here at the spindle have blown out many a pant. We find that the more stylish and expensive the jean, the sooner their demise. Until now, we've finally found jeans that are as durable and stylish as we are. They wont break your bank and will last you a good bit of your biking years.

After busting through all of our non-commuter compatible options, we've rigorously tested bike-friendly denim. These jeans in our review are the only pantaloons that can withstand the friction between our bun o' steel and our leather saddles.


These are your bare bones, no frills jeans. The fit is slimmer than your regular fit jeans but they break in for a more loose fit (keirin fit need not apply). With 2% Lycra, these pants give just enough to be called riding pants. After time, the denim breaks in like the perfect pair of raw denim, yet much quicker.

In the heat of the Summer, the reinforced crotch would really restrict airflow creating, what we call, " a case of the swampy gooch." That said, it's great for cooler and cold weather rides. But without this reinforced seat, these would be a regular ol pair o' jeans. I have yet to see any wear on the butt of these jeans. I also have yet to see any color fading as well. Not being a fan of washing jeans, especially when instructed not to in the care instructions, these were run through the wash a few times. Through all the tumbling and washing the Exon's stay black and proud.

Unlike other jeans in this review, the raised back is not as pronounced. Still leaving you vulnerable to getting caught cracked out.


These have become my favorite favorite pants to date. The skinny fit loosened up after a month or so of hard riding and fit snugly as leg muscles expand after a long ride. These jeans have several bells and whistles for the everyday rider.

The denim, woven with industrial strength Cordura nylon is bomb proof. This is the same fabric used for your favorite Chrome, Mission Workshop and even your old school JanSport bags. Ive laid my bike ... and my ass... down twice (once in rain and once taking a gravel covered turn) in these pantaloons and dragged well over 6 ft in both incidences and have come out with nothing more than a scratch on the jeans. What was underneath was a sight to be seen and took a few weeks to fully recover.

The reflective properties of Swrve's jeans are above and beyond. Utilizing 3M's Scotchlite...tm... material on the rear belt loops and cleverly place as a strip behind the right drive-train calf, your bound to been seen. After several months of use, wear on the strip is apparent in the fold but still reflects brilliantly.

These jeans have pockets for days. The 5th pocket is in the back made to fit your iPhone and quite snuggly for that matter, meaning no phone cases allowed. I don't use it much unless I'm putting a few business cards in it, otherwise its not the most practical of pockets. My phone tends to wander out when pressed against the saddle.

With a low waist in the front and raised in the back, these are my most comfortable pair of jeans to ride in thus far. I like the cut including the seamless, gusseted crotch and articulated knees make for a great jean even if you're putting 60 miles behind you (done it..) Unlike the Cadence Exons, These colors do fade... onto your seat, your wallet and even onto a damp paper towel but strangely still stay blue and beautiful.

Ezz-Eldin Hassan