Chrome Folsom Shorts

Welp, that hot Atlanta summer has blasted us as expected and what better way to jump right in than with a sweet shorts review!!  First in the batters box are the Chrome Folsom shorts.  In contrast to their Union line, the Folsom's are shorter and slimmer for those of us who like shorts to be a bit above the knee and sit at an inseam of 11".  Constructed from a nylon/spandex blend they have a 4-way stretch which has a wide range of motion for riders, so instead of cotton moving up and down your thigh while you pedal, you have the Everest fabric flexing and stretching alongside you!!

With a gusseted seamless layered crotch, the Folsom is in for the long haul, with the layers adding extra comfort to your ride while the seamless crotch allows you to maintain comfort.  The fabric is also water-resistant for those summer showers that generally come out of no where, but is good protection so your not chaffing your inner thigh after a downpour which could, as we all know can affect future-beautiful-day-rides!!

While all the technical aspects of these shorts are great, the fit also stands out, many people of all shapes and sizes come into the shop and are a little skeptical due to the price tag ($120), but once on they have no problem, even those with busting quads like the stretch the fabric allows as well as grows as your thighs swell during rides.  The Folsom's fabric feels a thick, but so far in the 80+ degree with humidity chaser hasn't given me the swamp factor considering the extra fabric in the crotch.  But I'll shoot a quick update over once we hit Mid-July August and let you know if I stuff my shorts with paper towels before a ride or still getting the same breathable love I've been getting.

The Folsom is also equipped with a reflective patch on the back, which is a good add on for increased visibility, unless you wear a belt that blocks most of it, but even with a belt it still gives you a couple of strips that drivers can definitely see.  Also to my amazement, is a 5-bar webbing seatbelt U-Lock holdster THAT ACTUALLY HOLDS A U-LOCK!!!!  I generally wear a hip-pack if I'm not carrying a bag, but on a short ride up the street for breakfast or a cup of joe, I just slide the u-lock with ease without any restriction or force, which is a nice change of pace from other companies that just add the extra fabric thinking all riders only carry mini locks.

The shorts are a standard on my rides, I enjoy the flexibility they give whether your hitting a quick patio beer or riding across town for a grill out, I've also found their good for mountain biking stints as mud just brushed right off these bad boys.  They come in Black & olive colors and also a pant version, but for now get the shorts, kick back and enjoy your ride.

The End.

Ezz-Eldin Hassan