Outlier Slim Dungarees

After meeting Outlier founders Abe and Tyler in Salt Lake city last year, I put in an order for their slim dungarees to test out Abe's creation of a better pair of pants. I'm always a bit weary ordering off the internet, you never really know how well they'll fit, how slim is slim, etc. I've heard nothing but great things about the company through many conversations with friends, but none had ever own a piece from their line. So I took the leap of faith and put in my order.

Mailed in a white envelope, I pulled out the pants with a short letter of quality signed by Jahoon. Thanks man.

The slim fit is perfect and the soft nylon-poly weave on the inside makes for a comfy lining. The fit never felt like wrapping my legs in sausage casings but for those with beastly quads, I'd get the Keirin Cut. The Dungarees are for spring or fall, as the lining adds that extra bit of warmth but they are a tad warm for summer. That said, if pants are better suited for your destination, these pants breath and stretch much better than denim. The Workcloth Doubleweave Canvas gives these pants a tough, durable exterior much like a soft, feather weight Scholler material. Keep in mind, the nylon weave gets a slight positive charge, attracting light animal furs but are still simple to sweep off.

Recently, a steady drizzle passed through Atlanta for a good three day stint. Ezz and I took to our bikes and headed into the foul weather to the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Midtown. Through the entire ride, the light rain beaded up on the slacks and never penetrated throughout the 3.2 mile ride. On the back end (or i should say my back end), where I had failed to utilize a rear fender, the water had soaked through the pants from the back wheel, but the dirt and grime wiped right off. As the rain got heavier, the water penetrated the fabric, eventually soaking through to my undies. After the show ended and waiting out the rain with a post-show brew or three, the pants dried up nicely and the Nanosphere treatment went right back to working for the swift ride home. After a few washes, the treatment still holds up if dried according to the online care directions.

Outlier's Slim Dungarees are definitely worth the $198 price tag. And after a few months seeing no wear, they'll definitely last quite awhile. I've worn these pants as a daily bike commuter, while on location and in studio on photography assignments, and on-stage at punk shows. These pants are versatile to say the least. You gotta love the attention to detail in a company made in America gives each each of its garments. It was a pleasure shopping and tossing a few back with the Outlier crew in NYC last week, we'll tell you much more of that story later ;)

More photos to come.

Check out these pants and a number of well tailored clothing at www.outlier.cc. And if you're in NYC, Outlier does an open showroom viewing at 87 Richardson St. from 4-7 on Fridays.

sharif hassan