Sombrio Hog-tied S/S shirt

As cooler weather is welcomed with open arms in the city, casual rides with friends are aplenty. Hopping from parks to festivals, restaurants and bars, it's a day long recovery ride. Enter Sombrio's Hog-Tied s/s shirt. The predominantly synthetic shirt wicks away sweat, and dries away quickly shortly after dropping your bag. The well hidden shirt zip pocket located on the back right side is spacious enough for a pared down tool kit,  snacks, a wallet, sunglasses or a cell phone; It is well placed and out-of-the-way but with weight it will swing around while riding but is convenient while on foot. On the opposite side is a small belt loop-like strap designated to hold a bike light. Perfect for those sporting messenger bags such as the Chrome or Mission workshop lines but maybe unnecessary when paired with a backpack. Which then you should be able to attach the light to the bag itself.

This shirt's style gets compliments all the time. The stripe and cool circular buttons that look very similar to grommets, a basic striped pattern with a western flair. The only thing that bothers us about this shirt are the sleeves. OK when off the bike, but while in the saddle and stretched out, the shirt tightens up and cuts into the arm right above the bicep. If only the back shoulder panel were made of a stretch material or there were pleats in the shoulder to allow more fabric for mobility, this would be a top pick.


We really like this shirt but the sleeves are a dealbreaker. We let them know at Interbike so I hope the 2014 version will become my new favorite button up.

sharif hassan