Beard Maintenance for the Winter Rider



It’s getting to that time of year when men, look like men. I think all men should grow a beard, especially in the winter. There are so many benefits, just to name a few:


  • You look more timeless.
  • Mustaches help filter cool air.
  • You are generally warmer.
  • Chuck Norris has a beard.


Another thing that is important during the winter, riding your bike. Just because a little cold nips at your nose doesn’t mean you should conform to the car or society. Grow your beard long and ride your bike. Did Sherman burn Atlanta to prove a point? Yes because someone told him to shave. A substantial beard will allow you to ride longer with less discomfort, ask Cogzilla.



Standing with historical bearded figures is something that is uniquely masculine. But, make sure as your beard takes care of you fighting off hard city winds, you take care of it. At a certain point lotion won’t cut it. When your manliness can no longer be infiltrated by the viscosity, it’s time to look to oil. Not car oil but beard oil. Yeah it’s a thing and it makes you feel and smell good.


Beard oils are relatively inexpensive and can save your face from harsh itching. Typically a mix of carrier oils and essential oils, beard oils are fluid enough to penetrate the small carpet factory you have grown on your face. Coming in a host of scents from woodsy to floral to savory (if you can imagine a fine rack of cow sitting on a warm platter with potatoes), there is always something you can find to suite any occasion.




I use Beard Friendly’s First Aid in the winter. It uses some of the best of oils including: jojoba (yo ho ba), avocado, and almond. All have different properties but the almond really offers a nice rejuvenating property for the harsh winters we have had in Atlanta the last few years. It smells like Natures medicine with eucalyptus, lime, and tea tree essential oils


Some things to look for when buying an oil. Most oils have Vitamin E in them so make sure you are using something that mainly consists of that. You want a variety of oils because each oil has a different property and if the maker is smart they have taken that into consideration. Make sure there are no more than 3 or 4 essential oils. Some essential oils can be harsh and you won’t have a clear man-scent if there are too many.


When applying beard oil there are a few ways. The one that works for me and that Beard Friendly offers is a dropper style application. Some brands you have to pour the oil on your hands and then try to wrestle to skin. The dropper allows you to put the dropper on the skin and apply directly to problem areas. My mustache is too thick to use just my hands. I need tools to handle this successful lip decor. The dropper does it.

Whatever method works for you, just make sure you take care of the thing that takes care of you. Ride hard and Grow long.

Ezz-Eldin Hassan