Outlier Button Down Pivot Shirt



Generally with commuting shirts, most companies will add a touch of Lycra or Spandex to the otherwise cotton shirt to add a little flexibility to the rider. Outlier went on the other end of the spectrum on their 100% cotton Pivot Shirt with some solid tailoring making for a great fit. Make a dress shirt for riding, with no added fabrics, and voila!  The Outlier Patent Pending Pivot Sleeve is born.



The Pivot is a sleeve that is not stitched in with the shirt, it's a part of it, coming from the bottom all the way to the cuff of the sleeve.  When riding, there is no bunching up on the shoulders or feeling of tightness as you lean on the handlebars giving you a wider range of motion.  The pleats on the back shoulder blades also allow for a great range of motion, the perfect shirt for those business casual meetings at the climbing gym. The sleeves are made long so even on colder days, those wrists aren't feeling even the slightest of cold air ( but also don't look like they're all bunched up on your hands like wearing your poppa's gear out to a business meeting).  We bought the long version of this shirt, so while you are tucked in on the ride to the office, you won't arrive with half or all your shirt hanging out of your trousers, it stays put.



This shirt is also extremely versatile in styling and wear.  The covered pocket is a great fit for your phone so you can turn up the speakers on your ride in without worrying about it bouncing out. It can be coupled with N.Bidlake or Makers and Riders business slacks for a hard day at the office, then switched out in the evening for some Swrve Jeans or Cadence Trousers for drinks with friends or that hot date you've been anticipating all week!!


For me, this shirt is very comfortable, I wear it for work, weddings, and the occasional rebel-rouse.  In buying the "Long" version of the Pivot L/S my opinion is that it must always be tucked in,  if you like to wear your button ups untucked then just go for the "Short", wearing the longer version drapes over you bottom and honestly looks a little sloppy hanging out.  But as always, Outlier has done a superb job on their product, finding the best materials and coming up with a fantastic design for riders of all walks of life and styles. And did we mention its made in the USA ;)


Ezz-Eldin Hassan