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Rootin' Tuten Recap

For the inaugural Rootin' Tuten Alleycat Hosted by Atlanta Beltline bikes and us here at The Spindle proved to be a great success!  With cyclists taking control of the city streets weaving and winding through the aisles of Whole Foods, shot gunning through the beltline to various breweries, King of Pops stands, and crusin' through Inman & Candler Park, Decatur and Kirkwood..Shootin through shortcuts via gravel/dirt roads in which the namesake of the race, James 'Sputnik' Tuten would've been proud!!

Starting from The Spindle and ending at Atlanta Beltline Bicycle with a grand party filled with grub and cocktails provided by Lotta Frutta, beer, goldsprints, and plenty of belly laughs had by all, we raised over $1200 for Sputnik who was injured earlier this year in a ladder accident.

That night we raised many-a-glass to such a great pillar of the Atlanta cycling community, sadly James passed a week after the alleycat, he will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and cycling community that helped build and mentor.  We hope to make this a yearly run in his honor..Cheers Sput, may you the road you ride from now on be filled with gravel, dirt, ice cold beer.

Thanks to all that participated in this great event, special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out at the stops and made the racers work for the win.  We had great sponsorship from Kirkwood Re-Cycle, Atlanta Bike Coalition, Chrome, DZR shoes, Mission Workshop, Green Guru, & Swrve.

Below is the list of times (some last names were left of because of the rapid pace I was writing), winners, and pictures from the race..You can view more (clear) from our good friend Cogzilla Attacks on the link below:


Will Bradley 1:36 (1st place Geared and fastest time all-around)

Matt Reeves 1:38 (2nd place Geared)

Howard Buckley 1:39:15 (1st Place fixed)

Ulus 1:39:20

Chris Scott Smith 1:40:50 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Jen Bedal 1:40:52 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo) (1st place Female Fixed)

Johnny 1:40:52 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Drew Smith 1:41:16

Josh Evans 1:43:08 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Emma Livergood 1:45:21 (2nd place female fixed)

Ryan Reza 1:45:22

Bryan Stuck 1:49:51 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Afotey Quaye 1:52:26

ken mattison 1:52:59

Chris Offiong 1:54:02

Alex Temka 1:54:17

Bridgette: 1:54:41 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Kyle Torok 1:56:55

Caroline Templeman 1:56: 56 (1st Place female Geared)

Jason Spruill 1:57:16

Katy Greer 1:57:16 (2nd Place female Geared)

Ned Morgan 1:57:47 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Kenna 1:58:16 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Drew Smith 1:59:25 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Johnny 1:59:25 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Ian 1:59:25 (30 min bonus for Sputnik Tattoo)

Greg Schissler 2:01:20

Roxanne Likos 2:02:00

Ed Ramey 2:02:25

Alex Ramey 2:02:26

Allie 2:03:20

Evan Neil 2:03:58

Luz Herera 2:04:38

Bobby Brown 2:04:40

Adrian 2:04:40

Dub Dewd 2:09:36

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