SWRVE Regular Jeans

SWRVE Regular Jeans


made of CORDURA® denim these jeans will stand up to wear like nobody's business*, yet they look and feel just like regular cotton denim jeans.

- low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut 
- higher waist in back to stay respectable and to keep you warm 
- seamless diamond gusset for comfort 
- back pockets fit a mini U-lock 
- front accessories pocket
- reflective piping on inside of legs that is exposed when you roll up your cuff 
- high quality YKK metal zipper 
- rivets to make them more durable 
- stylish trim fit for everyday use


the CORDURA® fibers woven into the fabric makes the denim super durable. add to that a ton of stretch for ease of movement, and the soft feel and look of cotton next to skin, and you have the perfect confluence of durability, performance, and style in one pair of jeans.

how durable is the fabric? *in a rub test conducted by CORDURA® (Martindale Abrasion BS EN ISO 12947-2:1999 Standard Woolen Abrasion with 12KPa weight), regular 100% cotton denim held up to between 75'000 to 25'000 rubs (depending on number of times the denim was washed) compared to the same weight CORDURA® denim where they stopped the tests at 250'000 rubs on all samples because the denim was just not wearing through.

our jeans have been pre-washed to soften the fabric, prevent shrinkage, and reduce the dark indigo dye from staining. however! some transfer of color can still occur, especially when wet. to reduce the risk we suggest washing the jeans before wear (following directions!) especially if white items will come in contact with the garment.

triple chain stitch on high-stress areas make the stitching super durable to keep up with the CORDURA® denim. 
additional reflective strip on interior drive-side leg is revealed when you roll your cuff.
seamless diamond gusset to keep pressure off sensitive areas.
slight rise in the rear waistband to stay respectable while on the saddle or crouching.

regular fit

loaded with features to make these the most comfortable jeans plus fabric that will not quit means these jeans will keep up with you anywhere you go. go get 'em tiger!


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