The Spindle Kitchen

The Spindle, as you know it, has expanded to include a full cafe, restaurant and beer bar. We proudly serve Velo Coffee on the regular, while sporadically highlighting local roasters. Our new, extensive menu is designed to healthily feed cyclist and community members alike by providing locally sourced foods combined with worldly traditions. Head chef, We serve our community with healthy dishes with fresh ingredients from local farmers, local vendors and selected vendors from around the world. This menu is available from 10 am until 4pm each day. From 5-9pm, we host amazing chef in our rotating chef dinners from week to week. A rotating kitchen of amazingness, if you will. All these chefs focus on local and sustainable produce and we are excited and proud to host them. Stay up to date with our kitchen calendar to stay up-to-date with our kitchen residencies.




We proudly carry Velo Coffee out from Chattonooga, TN because the coffee has amazingly diverse yet symphonic flavors and the roasters are rad asses, too.

Drip                          $3/3.25

Iced                           $4

Bunny Hop               $4.50


Mandarin Lemon Balm            $5

Hemp Ginger Berry                        $4.50

Frothed Beverages

Dandelion Cashew Milk Latte $6

Rose Beet Cashew Milk Latte $6

Hot Chocolate $6

Sipping Chocolate $4.50

Non-Alcoholic bevs

Montane Sparkling    $1.50

Callaway Blue Still      $1.50

Cocofuzion                 $3.00


Draft                           $4.50a

Growlers 32/64          $10/20


Scrambled Eggs n cheese $5.50

2 Eggs+ chedder + butter + toast + Italian parsley

PB + T Toast $7

Peanut butter + Tahini + molasses + strawberry + chia seeds + mint  

Oatmeal $6.50

Dried fruits + Walnuts + oats + turmeric + coconut + candied ginger + almond milk

Dried fruits: Cherry, currant raisins, apricots.


DSC_4217 copy.jpg


Chia bowl (seasonal) $5

Chia seeds + blueberry/ Pom+ banana+ apple + orange + coconut + almond

Post Ride

Solid Gold Sammy (open face) $11

Romesco Sauce + Solid Gold (beer can) Chicken(Springer Mt farms) + burrata + turnip greens

Romesco sauce: contains almonds

da Soup (seasonal) $7.50

Roasted root veg ( celery root, swt pot )+ tomato + cummin+ cinnamon+ ginger+ cardemom + Toast

Pasta (seasonal) $8.50

Fusilli pasta + mushroom +chickpeas + red pepper + majoram

Add Solid Gold Chicken $2.50