Search & State S1-J Riding Jacket

Search & State S1-J Riding Jacket


There’s really no other way to say it, the S1-J is arguably the best cycling jacket ever made. We’re normally a bit reluctant to proclaim something like that, but our customers keep saying it and so does the media, so we’re just going to own it. To be honest, the S1-J has always been the lightest, toughest, all-weather jacket we’d ever seen. A refined fit, shocking breathability, total protection from the elements, and rugged components make the S1-J Riding Jacket the pride of our collection and a game-changing garment.


Constructed entirely of Schoeller C-Change Fabric, which features a bionic climate membrane. The fabric is highly waterproof and breathable by reacting to changing temperatures and activities. When exposed to heat and moisture the membrane opens for extreme breathability. Conversely, when exposed to cold the membrane constricts for maximum wind protection and insulation.


We exclusively use Riri zippers on all our garments and the S1-J features a military-grade injection-molded aquazip that is one of the lightest and most durable zippers available today.

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