Giro LS Mobility Shirt

When we first brought Giro into the shop, this simply designed shirt caught my eye.  This is a straight-forward, understated garment, but what exactly makes it conducive for cycling? "This shirt could possibly make me look good" is what went through my head...

The tight lines and fit of this shirt are truly amazing. The 3% of Lycra really allows the shirt to move with you while the "ride position stretch pleats" are helpful when reaching for the bars. This shirt lives in fall and early winter. Paired with a thin base or mid layer and a shell, you're solid gold on those colder days/nights.

This is a smooooth lookin' shirt and fits in flawlessly in any situation. The addition of the the placket hiding the buttons and hidden snap front pocket, give this shirt a sleek, modern look.  The site describes the shirt as chambray-like, I disagree. The fabric is much more rigid almost like a tight denim. This is advantageous on those windier days, the tight knit keep the wind minimal while still allowing it to cool you off or keeping that body heat in. The fabric itself is durable, allowing reckless folks like ourselves to eat shit (i.e. ass over bars, face bounces, slide outs and the so ons and so forths) and walk away with very minimal damage to the shirt. The Mobility shirt is pretty easy to maintain as well. Simple messes are just a swipe with a wet cloth away from being clean again. Luckily, it dries on the quickness.

Although this shirt is stylish and perfect for the metropolitan commute, we do wish it had a few more features. The chest pocket is the only available storage and will not snap shut with an iPhone sized mobile phone. No other pockets. The buttons are unfortunately not as tough as the fabric, wishing now that there were a couple of backups sewn into the shirts. A simple zipper pocket in the back or side would be great, but no cycling specific cues come out of this shirt. For the price tag, a little storage would go a long way.


photos by Jarrel Williams


Ezz-Eldin Hassan