Parker Dusseau Classic Work Shirt

There are days set aside for mashing through the city streets, blazing along side traffic with no destination in mind. There are other days, where there is a destination in mind. Not just any destination, but a fancy one with people that also dress fancy. But its nice outside, perfect weather for a ride and thats what’s calling. The solution: Parker Dusseau’s Classic Work Shirt. This modern cut shirt always gets the compliments. Working behind bars of great restaurants, attending art shows and busniess dinners require a an understated but classic look. When going through the details of this shirt with customers and friends, it is always astonishing to folks to see how far commuter specific clothing has gone. The sleeves are now longer and accommodate our long ape-like arms. Complimented by the Power mesh behind each shoulder blade for more stretch, movement and ventilation.


The Schoeller Nanosphere coated Japanese cotton allows added breathability and helps the fabric dry much faster.This helps tremendously when arriving after a hot ride. Riding through an 8+ mile commute to work, I can be confident even in Atlanta’s ridiculously hot and humid summers, my shirt will be dry within the the first 15-20 mins of my arrival.  Flip the cuffs and collar and reflective stripes alongside a begonia trim add a smooth touch of safety, very very sneaky! I’m not one to flip my collar but its nice to have that extra safety feature when riding late on a weekend evening ride and all the drunkees are out behind the wheel calling their bestie for the next round location.


But just in case we want to call for our next destination, we can really appreciate the 2 convenient, double-chest pockets. Thats 4 pockets total!! The smaller, bottom pocket is great for cash and cards while the larger one fits an iPhone 5 just right. This shirt, paired with their commuter chinos or Outliers slim Dungarees and DZR’s or Quoc Pham Clipless commuter shoesand you’re dressed for any and all occasions. If you’re looking to exude confidence on your ride, professional and social life this shirt will definitely put you in the right direction.

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