Parker Dusseau + Radavist ColdBlack Button-up

We’ve been chompin at the bit ever since Vaughn Brown, of Parker Dusseau, let us in on a collaboration with The Radavist on a limited edition button up urban cycling shirt. Needless to say, we put an order in right away.  We received our shirts a few days before official release and were able to give it some tests in the early Georgia spring.

The shirt is made with the lightest Schoeller material we’ve ever had run through the shop.  For those unfamiliar with Schoeller, it’s a Swiss textiles company specializing in weather resistant, breathable materials that are great for outdoor and travel apparel.  Schoeller’s Coldblack Technology provides 30 SPF protection and reduces heat build up in darker fabrics. When grabbing this button up off the hanger, the shirt is cool to the touch! Pretty mind blowing!


The 1st three days after getting the shirts were going to be between 75-80 degrees and sunny, so it was worn three days in a row. For being such a dark black shirt I was surprised at how cool I was and how the air circulated throughout the shirt, cooling me with the sun beating down. The fabric even maintains temperature even as the the temperature slowly drops as the sunsets. 

This colab still delivers the standard, yet way above average,  nuances that Parker Dusseau button ups feature and moves incredibly well with no restrictions. The hidden mesh vents set behind the shoulder blades allows for very little resistance when stretching into the drops and help with cooling you down while ramping up your cadence.  We even found that the shirt did very well once the weather peaked at 82 during the week.


In addition, a light sprinkle while riding is fine and the shirt was dry in less than five minutes, but will be waiting for a downpour to see how this lighter Schoeller performs. We're curious to see how this shirt holds up once we hit the truly humid Georgia months, but we will update you on that too.


Ezz-Eldin Hassan