Search and State A-1 Jerseys

In the three years we've been doing this blog, it's always a treat to get one of our many amazing multi-talented customers to get behind the keyboard and tell us about their gear. Whether purchased in our shop or elsewhere, we, at The Spindle, love talking gear that we can test or potentially bring to our customers. With so many positive endorsements from several friends, we've decided to bring Search and State on as a new brand. Our rad ass friend, Damon a.k.a Crocodile Brown, indulges us with his forethought on their tops. His story and causes are admirable and we hope you also dive into seeing the positive things he does for the community around him, as well.



My cycling style and profile are different and varied to say the least. I ride a lot,
but not often (or maybe it's the other way around). On top of that, my routine is as
multifarious as my iTunes catalog. You see, I may beat around town after work or
shift between my office in downtown, to a lunch in the AUC, to a meeting in
midtown, and, then, to an event at the State Bar. Or, I may ride the open road or
get left behind in a crit race.


Most of my riding, of course, is as part of my personal cycling initiative
(@bikeGAcounties) to bike in every Georgia county (again), benefitting It is on those rides that I tackle the rolling terrain north of the metro
area, the coastal views south and east of it, the agri-rural areas to the south and
west, and then the small and historic towns between here and South Carolina. I
have come to realize that in the midst of all of those rides, the truest constant has
been use of one of my four (4) Search and State cycling jerseys (I also own a
long sleeve merino base layer that is like butter in the winter week we experience!)
The S1-A green, the Aloha, the S1-A black, and the Patriot, sound like interstate
highways or wrestling moves. But, for me, they have been much more than that.
Those layers of intricately woven fabric serve as a barrier for me from drag and
from the sun. They serve as a trusted valet, allowing me to store personal
belongings and other essentials for the haul - long or short.

Ezz-Eldin Hassan