CA Ride Crew W/Pockets

This "basic" crew is one of my favorite Items on the Giro New Road line. The CA Ride crew has the most function out of the rest of the line. Giro's Nycore fabric is a merino wool fabric with a nylon core to help the shirt maintain its shape, stay lite and wick away moisture. The design of the shirt is quite understated and casual. the light colored blue and grey stripe is a great fashionable touch,Giro CA Crew Review though the placement of the stitching is right below and just above the chest, making the seam placement pretty strange. after a while it becomes an after-thought but still there brushing agaist your underboob, wierd.

My favorite features are the rear jersey pockets, which Giro sophisticates with the title of Skeletal Pocket Construction, solid. Man these things come in handy!! For some reason we always end up hitting the grocery store with this thing on and stuff it to the brim. It works as a great casual jersey, nothing to fancy but has all the functionality of a jersey sans the zippers and vacuum sealed fit. I wish I could say the same for the front pocket ( maybe they should put that Skeletal Pocket Construction on it as well ;). After using the rear pockets several times they still keep their shape and structure. Contrarily, after placing my iPhone in the front pocket for a ride, the little guy stays stretched out, acting as a mini wind sock. after washes it tightens up a bit but the pocket is small and not really big enough for the phone so its not really worth the risk of having my phone fall out.

The wicking properties of merino wool allows this piece to be worn over and over again without constant washing. I've gone weeks without washing as long as it wasn't A great t-shirt for the spring and fall seasons, keeping the body insulated while regulating body temps. The greatest thing about the giro line is that each piece can be worn interchangeably with any piece on the line. I usually rock this tee with Giro's Lead/Gum Republic shoe to create a flawless fashionable fit. A great way to add a touch of color to your life.

Thanks to Jarell Williams @nothingbutfixed for the photos!

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