Ladies Dish Performance Jeans

Years ago skate brands, such as DC, came out with several models of jeans and cuts using Coolmax denim. The stretch and feel were incredible. The fabric moved with the body while staying breathable and durable. Its amazing designers haven't used the fabric for bicycle specific apparel until today. Today, our Spindlera, Jenni Bedel, dawns a pair of Dish Jeans made with the Coolmax denim and put them through the daily grindringer. in true Spindle fashion.

I was super stoked when The Spindle asked me to test out some new performance denim for women. Over the past 3 years I have been extensively searching and researching for the perfect pair of jeans. I bet if you polled a bunch of women, most would agree: the denim struggle is real. I have shimmied, jumped, shaken, squeezed, squatted into many pairs with mostly disappointing results. My ideal jeans are stylish, fit well, and easy to move in for cycling too. From designer denim to raw denim, to various styles and brands of cycling specific womens pants – nada. Are my standards unrealistic? Of course they are, but that’s how I roll.

All that being said: Dish has made the closest to perfect pair of denim – honest. These jeans are a perfectly solid dark denim with no funny stitching or whiskering and with just the right amount of stretch. They’re comfortable. The rise isn’t too low and the inseam isn’t too short. One really cool feature of the Dish jeans: the fabric is made with Coolmax performance fibers to keep you cool while you’re out being awesome.

After wearing these jeans (obsessively) for months I can’t recall ever feeling super sweaty or super cold. I noticed that I wasn’t spending half of my bike rides thinking about how I couldn’t wait to put on more comfortable pants. It was almost like wearing my favorite pair of yoga pants. My Dish jeans were getting so much ride wear that the outside leg seams did start to show some give. They seem to be holding up just fine, but I assume that will be the first thing to go when hit their denim breaking point. My conclusion? Coolmax fabric actually lives up to its performance promises, and it might be obvious by now – but I’ve found a champion in my denim quest. Will the search continue you ask? Of course it will (like I said – that’s how I roll) but for now I will be wearing and tearing my Dish jeans indefinitely.

Ezz-Eldin Hassan