Club Ride Go Long L/S Shirt

Now, I don't know if you know this, but here in Atlanta, it gets a little hot in the summertime. So hot, it makes lip balm melt in the center console of my car, that's why I stopped using it ( the car, that is!). Sometimes, though, a long sleeve shirt is appropriate for the occasion or it may cool down in the evening. For this, I wear Club Rides Go Long shirt. The most breathable long sleeve shirt I've ever worn. Made of a thin proprietary fabric cleverly called RideDryWear, it flows beautifully, like Farrah Fawcett's hair in a majestic episode of Charlie's Angels ( may her soul & hair rest in peace). Whether you're riding through the city with a messenger bag or hitting single track trail with a hydration pack in-tow, that sweaty back is quick to dry as the loose fitting fabric is thin and wicks away moisture like a champ.


The design is a modern-styled western shirt, decked out with pearl snaps, a front breast pocket large enough for a phone fitted with a case and two (2) hidden rear, zippered pockets for tools, snacks, additional gels, etc. The sides of the shirt are lined with a strip of Club Ride's ventilating Air2Flow system, a mesh from the bottom of the shirt reaching to the sleeves cuff. This strip allows air to flow freely throughout the shirt keeping you cool and the sweat down to a minimum. The Air2Flow system reduces the stink and sweat from becoming a topic of conversation.


Adding to the list of features this shirt endows, is a zipper reaching from the second button from the top to the second to last button from the bottom. I have to admit, it took me a while to figure out why there was a zipper AND buttons on this shirt until a unexpected chill wafted through the sweet Georgia air on a recent late night ride. The added zipper acts much like a pit-zip for the chest, very airy when unzipped but cuts through the wind when fully zipped. The shorter length of the zipper is great to simply pop off a couple of buttons for added comfort.

Because of the ventilating features and cool styling, you can sport this shirt over and over again with out worrying about it looking ragged and smelling rank. Much like the Sun Valley, Idaho based company boasts "Wear Daily." This is a fully synthetic shirt so its perfect to wear on warm/hot days and fully functional for cycling to the pub or restaurant. I really enjoy wearing this shirt around town, out and about with friends and would recommend it for the avid cyclist cruising around town. Definitely something I would carry in the store...;)

Thanks to Brett May @ for the pics!

Now get on you bikes and RIDE!

sharif hassan