Iva Jean Reveal Skirt

When we first spotted this skirt we were intrigued by its form and curious about its functionality. Lucky for us we've acquired a great group of ladies to help us in testing female specific commuter apparel. You've met Caroline in our Sombrio's Vagabond review and we are excited to introduce our second women's specific review. Rebecca Serna Woiderski, Executive Director at the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, has been an amazing resource for Atlanta Cyclists and is the newest Spindle contributor. Enjoy her poignant review of the Iva Jean Reveal skirt..

Whenever I show up somewhere in the Iva Jean Reveal skirt, I find myself demonstrating how the skirt converts from pencil for looks, to pleated for riding. I've never talked so much about an article of clothing before. This is a brilliant idea, and it's well-executed.

Constructed of stretchy black material that is very sturdy and not too technical, doesn't scream cycling falls just below my knees. Most importantly, there's a zipper on the back that allows the skirt to convert from office jockey to riding a bike in seconds flat.


The zipper is definitely the standout feature, but it's also the most comfortable pencil skirt I've owned due to the stretch fabric. Just this morning I discovered a very useful hidden interior pocket in the waistband. The skirt stays put even when it's windy, and the seams appear much stronger than I'm used to (I'm always resewing seams on other skirts I ride in).

What would I change? Not much! Consider adding side pockets (this skirt is crying out for pockets), maybe offer a shorter option. And I always love a reflective element in clothing I wear on my bike - ideally something unobtrusive that doesn't appear to be reflective except in dark conditions. Maybe a reflective feature that only shows when unzipped?

Overall: 4.5/5

Thanks Rebecca! Keep up with Rebecca and The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to stay up-to-date on all bike related news in Atlanta.


Ezz-Eldin Hassan