Club Ride Rale Pant

A point we try instill in our readers on a regular basis is cutting wind ;) When you're out riding in Atlanta's fluctuating weather conditions, you understand the dangers of that rogue gust that almost throws you sideways on your foul weather rides. We can't stop those gusts but we can help stop it from making you cold.

For the past 3 seasons, I've been cruising with Club Rides Rale Pant for almost a year now and they have solidified their place in my wardrobe rotation. These casual looking performance pant are ideal for weather like today, windy with a touch of chill. The Rale Pants cut through the wind so the wind doesn't cut through your bones. Its been great having these pants throughout Georgia's erratic weather . From heavy winds, temperature drops and sporadic rains. Club Ride's proprietary StretchRide9 synthetic fabric has great wicking properties for the hot days while the brushed polyester lining will also insulate on colder days. Perfect for when the days are in the 60's and the nights are in the 20's (Yea, that shit happens in Atlanta). Although these are not waterproof pants, the DWR allows light rain to roll off like water on a duck. Extended time in heavier rain will soak through within a few miles but the brushed poly liner keeps it from chaffing on long wet rides ;)


Initially when ordering these pants, I selected by waist size. I'm a small guy so size 31s are usually perfect for me. Not in Club Rides, I could barely pull the x-smalls above my quads. After returning for the meds then again for the smalls I finally got a pair that fit. There is an interior waist adjustment feature that will customize the fitting of the waist f you're in the same boat. The ideal trouble with ordering online. Because its a size up scenario, the fit is more regular than "athletic" unless you're actually a 32, then the athletic fit is in the quads. I do like how a majority of these companies are embracing the longer legs with 34 inseams. Its easier to hem pants then shorten legs.

A few of our favorite features of these pants are really cool additions. Club Ride's NoCrackBack keeps you classy when leading rides (no pen holders back here). Reflective seams on the drive side and articulated knees are always favorite features. The additional side storage pocket was perfect for my iPhone4 but a touch snug for the iPhone5 ( don't even think of fitting the entire Galaxy in there, android users). Now, I put the phone in first then hook up the headphone jack, so it is still functional. If you do rock a big phone, the side pocket is great for clif bars. The back pockets are super deep to accommodate your Galaxies.

Overall these pants are great to have around for unpredictable weather or for those cool, breezy commutes. Slight chance of rain? No worries, that's why these pants were made.



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