Makers and Riders Trench Shirt


Trying to ride around looking like a pro? Makers and Riders have been producing great functional commuter apparel for professionals. We've been watching this Chicago born and bred company since it was once called nonetheless andwere diligent about getting these products in our store due to their quality, versatility and style.

This 3 season wind Shirt/Jacket is on point for you all weather riders. The material is amazing and works flawlessly. After meeting up with Johnathan, the founder of M&R, he explained the shirt is made out of an Italian fabric used in Burberrys outerwear line. Silky to the touch, its tough and durable enough for the elements. This shirt is great for more formal occasions and it quickly becomes a topic of conversation, in a good way. The articulated shoulders are great for mobility and ventilation. The expanded vertical seam down the center of the back adds to the breathability.

The functionality of the Trench Shirt/Jacket is the focus, Great ventilation and pockets for days!. Three to be exact, but each is on point. They all zip and keep contents fairly dry. The 2 side pockets can fit more than an iPhone for all you galaxy users but the chest pocket is perfect for a iphone. Great to have while blasting tunes from your phone on a gloomy, drizzly bike ride.

The tag on our version of the shirt says Nonetheless. On the M & R version, some great improvements have been made. The collar stays flat, as opposed to this versions curling and the sleeves have been made a bit longer, keeping those wrists warm.

On cold days, its best to wear this with a good insulating layer. The shirt is a great shell, keeping wind and rain out and heat in but cold air makes the fabric cold to the touch. Great for cooler days allowing air flow throughout the buttons and vents while the fabric keeps you cool.

This is an all around great shirt. Not just for riding but traveling and keeping all the important items on you. Pockets fit extra cards or cliff bars and don't get in the way when you saddle up or sit in a booth for dinner. And nothing makes me happier than a shirt I can clean with a wet towel. Yea, we get it, we're a mess.

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