Swrve Bamboo Shirt


One of the main problems of riding on hot summer days is that you usually make it to your destination dripping sweat, and since you've stopped peddling, your body heat rises and you start pouring even more sweat..and you're acquaintances won't be too keen on sitting close to you while you cool down and your cotton shirt dries up (which generally takes an hour if not more!).

Swrve has come up with an answer to this dilemma with a line of short and long sleeve shirts made with bamboo fabric.  These shirts are incredibly soft, they feel better than that cotton shirt that's been in your standard rotation for years.  The shirts are naturally, 4x as absorbent as cotton and wick moisture much quicker, which keeps it from clinging to your body like a synthetic fabric. Bamboo fabrics are a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and make great base layers.


For the summertime, these shirts wick away moisture from those longer afternoon rides when all it takes is riding for 10-15 mins before your body waterfall lets loose.  But once you reach your destination the shirt takes about 10 minutes to dry up, so you can get to schmoozing at your local watering hole.


While cruising around in New York earlier this year, I went out to grab a bite at the food truck gathering in Madison Square Park on 5th ave and 25th then to meet friends at a pub a few miles down the road. En route, ominous clouds overhead opened up on me in my L/S  crew neck version of Swrve's Bamboo shirt and Outlier's Slim Dungarees ( http://thespindleatl.com/2013/05/28/outlier-slim-dungarees/ ). I figured for testing sake, I'd walk to the pub in the brief, 10-15 minutes of heavy rain. The shirt had soaked it all up like a sponge, weighing in heavy and sagging. After the brief downpour, I ducked into an alley, rung out a good pint or so out of the shirt and continued walking in the sunshine. Literally within minutes in direct sunlight, the shirt felt comfortable and dry again. I was extremely impressed! So, no need to fret when a downpour catches you off guard, you can wring out the shirt for a quick dry.

Another benefit to bamboo is that its odor resistant, so you can rest assured even after it dries up, that lingering stink won't stop you from chatting up that hottie you've been waiting to approach.


These shirts are cut specifically for riders in mind, they are a bit longer than normal shirts to keep you warm in the winter and cover your backside up.  There's no seams in the armpit which allows for smoother, fluid movement. Bamboo fabrics are durable, ensuring  you'll own this shirt for the long haul.  Swrve has the fit designed for both men and women, they come in both crew and V-Neck styles with the sizes ranging from XS-XL so people of all sizes and shapes can enjoy this amazingly comfortable shirt!!


Ezz-Eldin Hassan